Foals for sale

>Acquiring a Suleiman foal :
Welcoming a foal is a big adventure which contains a few risks and responsabilities.
We encourage you to be well prepared, to take time of a well thought choice but to let your feelings speak. We wish to accompany you with our advice, our practical help and hope to participate to a beautiful sports success or totally different.

All our foals are sold with a breeding follow up, a free cover for the females, possibility of preschooling and preparation for the endurance competitions or simple guiding on the paths.
Our aim is to fullfill your wishes and to obtain a happy horse, to create a great couple.
Price range :
A : 3000 to 4900€ B : 5000€ to 7900€ C : 8000 to 14900€
These prices are subject to variation according to the age, to the performances of the parents.

Cassiope de Suleiman

Price B Very dark grey filly, 2012, tall and powerful, a lot of type, excellent paces, by Ceres****and
Buba du Mazet**, uterine sister of Bambou**, 2 podiums in 130 km.
A must !
Sold with a free live cover at 3 years old or later. Qualified 40 km.

A chestnut male from Agathe*** and Soliman Cabirat : Canyon of Suleiman
Price B
Tall robust foal, active, typed with beautiful conformation : to keep in check..
Father Soliman Cabirat by Kalhan**** and Iguana**, proper borther of Jharez de cabirat***, never disqualified
mother Agathe of Suleiman*** by Ceres de lafon**** and Apolonia de lafon**

A little Mam’zelle**, COMETE de Suleiman
Price B
Grey filly, compact and very pretty, the sign of her grandfather Ceres**** is clearly to be seen.
Father : Elgadir* by Nagadir and Elfeda
mother : Mam’zelle Suleiman**, ind 125 by Ceres de lafon**** and Numisziah DRE*.


2013 foals  (price B and C):

geldings : Diamant de Suleiman grey by Mam’zelle Suleiman** and Elgadir de Pawi* / Don Juan de Suleiman bay by Agathe de Suleiman*** et Elgadir de Pawi* / Drakkar de Suleiman par Reine des Pres* et Baltzik / Delice de Suleiman by Ceres de Lafon**** out of Bint Cheman Elarab**.

female : Dilaila de Suleiman bay by Gloria de Suleiman* (mother of Glycine de Suleiman***) and Elgadir de Pawi.

2014 foals (price B)

female : ELOGE de Suleiman by Cesar de Suleiman** out of Gloria de Suleiman*

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